About Micelli Motors, Inc

Micelli Motors was founded in 1989 by Joseph Micelli Evangelista. His commitment to providing the area with affordable and professional auto body services resulted in the rapid growth. Never straying from this commitment is a hallmark of the excellence with which Mr. Micelli still oversees his shop.

Today Micelli Motors has become the premier auto body shop in the region. The reason this is so is for the fact that no one else can match the full menu of services, the quality work, and the customer service as here at Micelli Motors.

Our Team

Our staffs of expert technicians use the latest in high tech equipment. Technicians have years of experience and are experts when working with a multitude of vehicles. Quality workmanship and excellent customer service are our top priority at Micelli. We are dedicated to providing the finest service available and our excellence in customer service is indicative of the commitment to quality that differentiates Micelli from all others.

Our Body Shop

Micelli is committed to setting the highest standard in the industry by constantly upgrading our equipment and tools, providing our staff with ongoing training in the latest technologies and maintaining a clean, safe work environment.

Where to Find Us

Micelli Motor, Inc
251 Malvern St
Newark, NJ 07105
Phone: 1.877.427.6490

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Our Services

° Auto Body Repairs
° Collision Repairs
° Painting
° Glass Work and Detailing
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